fxCHROMESPRAY represents the most advanced technology in the production of effect paints, producing a high-grade chrome metal look or the effect of polished aluminium.


We have come up with a range of chrome paint so good we have put our name to it.

there is no need to buy expensive imports when you can buy bottled in Basildon at a fraction of the price.


Always wanted to spray like the professionals? Now you can!


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We can chrome almost any surface....


We can chrome anything from metals and plastics, to woods and carbon fibres, to glass and even fruit!


Anything you need chroming, we can do it with a high and fine quality standard.


It can even be used on flexible materials, it can actually stretch.


Chromed Apple


....and we can tint it any colour to your liking!


The coating system produces a mirror-like chrome finish on almost any product. It looks and feels just like real metal plating. A layer of real silver metal is deposited between two layers of paint.

The silver mist builds upon the base coated part to give a perfect mirror shine.

Then its rinsed with distilled water. After the part is blown dry with compressed air. Now it can be sprayed with a clear top coat which can be tinted to look exactly like chrome, gold, copper or any shade of the spectrum.